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Sincerely, Roger J., Proud Bonanza Owner! Tim,
Just wanted to let you know that my son and I, when we arrived in Kokomo to pick up our airplane, were treated very professionally and made to feel at home. The A/C was ready to view and inspect and everything was provided for to examine it. Unfortunately, the weather did not allow us to fly her home so I requested that Jim fly her to AZ for me and when the weather turned favorable he flew out in one day! We had a good visit and he just mailed me the expense sheet with all the receipts etc;. Jim answered all my questions about the flight and the plane and was pleasant to talk to. In all my whole experience was a good one and I could not have asked for more."
- Sincerely, Roger J., Proud Bonanza Owner!
Greg G., Flying Club Owner Over a year ago, I purchased a 172N model aircraft from Aircraft Ownership Solutions, and could not be more satisfied. Aircraft from the 70's are far from perfect. All I can ask from a broker if that that aircraft is fairly and honestly described, and that the Prebuy, financing, transfer of title goes smoothly, and finally, that in the end, both parties are satisfied. Add the fact that the aircraft are priced fairly and reasonably, and you have one of the best places that you can purchase an aircraft. After all, does anyone really like to argue price with a seller when the aircraft is overpriced 50%? This is one of the first places that I look when we need another aircraft. Thanks Dan!
- Greg G., Flying Club Owner
Mitch S. Jesup GA. I have purchased and helped clients purchase aircraft multiple times over the last 16 years. I have to say that my experience with Tim and Aaron of Aircraft Ownership Solutions was hands down the Best ever. From my first contact with them by phone through closing this company makes it easy. Finally a dealer who knows how to treat a customer!! Thanks for the cream puff Cherokee 180!!! I sure will do business again!
- Mitch S. Jesup GA.
Matthew M.  Tennessee Incredible company, these guys are top notch! They stand behind what they say. Highly recommended. I bought a Cherokee 235 last month and I'm absolutely in love with. Thank you guys! keep up the great service!
- Matthew M. Tennessee
Ed Wickenkamp, Ottumwa, IA This is the 3rd aircraft I've purchased and by far the easiest transaction so far. Aaron handled all of the paperwork required and assisted the lender (this was the lender's first aircraft loan) with necessary documentation and pertinent information. Aaron was always available for phone calls, and answered emails promptly. I feel like we are family. Just as important, I was not forgotten after the sale. Due to weather conditions and flying VFR, I left not realizing there was no tow-bar in the plane and Aaron was quick to handle that oversight, shipping one out right away. If I ever decide to sell my aircraft or purchase another one Aircraft Ownership Solutions will be the first place I call.
- Ed Wickenkamp, Ottumwa, IA
Don R.  Sheridan, Indiana I recently purchased a Skyhawk from Aircraft Ownership Solutions and highly
recommend this company to any prospective GA buyer. This is my first
aircraft purchase and I was pleased with the honesty, professionalism, and
courtesy afforded me by Tim, Aaron, Sherri, and Mark. When the time comes
to upgrade I will definitely contact AOS once again.
- Don R. Sheridan, Indiana
Aaron and AOS have been a pure pleasure to work with! Honesty, Integrity and upfront are adjectives best used in describing Aaron. We have done two transactions together and I look forward to many more!
- Sam Matta, Houston TX
Jim Bishop- Akron, Ohio I recently purchased a very attractive Cherokee 140 from Aircraft Ownership Solutions. My contact person at AOS was Aaron Bollhoefer, who I might say made me feel very comfortable right from the onset of the purchase process. This was very important in my case as it was my first airplane purchase. Right or wrong, I put a great deal of faith in Aaron to be honest and to accurately characterize the airplane I eventually bought. As I found out after the purchase, the airplane was exactly as Aaron stated on the AOS website and during our many conversations. Due to a mechanical issue during my initial visit to his Kokomo facility, I had to make a second trip. No small inconvenience on my end as the round trip driving time was almost nine hours. But let me show you what type of guy Aaron is as a person. Aaron recognized the hardship of my second trip to Kokomo. After the sale was final, Aaron grabbed his extra pilot Justin and together they delivered my new purchase to my hangar door in Akron, Ohio. At the end of the day you can expect to be treated very well and receive an honest description of the airplane based on what Aaron knows. Always remember the buyer is responsible to determine if the aircraft meets their own criteria as a buyer's review list may be different from what AOS uses. My wife and I were very pleased with our Aircraft Ownership Solutions buying experience. If I decide to upgrade to a newer, faster airplane in the future, I hope I get a chance to deal with Aaron again.
- Jim Bishop- Akron, Ohio
Jesse D.  Pinson, TN I just recently purchased a 172N from Aircraft Ownership Solutions. Tim, Aaron, Jon, and Sherri were a pleasure to deal with. Anytime I had a question they would answer it without hesitation. Sherri would be the first person I would talk to and had a very charming personality. Tim and Aaron were easy to deal with through the whole transaction. Jon and I met when I arrived to pick the plane up, he answered any question I had at the time of pick up. Very pleased and happy with the airplane. Hope to do future business with Aircraft Ownership Solutions.
- Jesse D. Pinson, TN
Ben B. - Raleigh, NC Aircraft Ownership Solutions made the buying process smooth and streamlined. I recently had a bad experience buying an airplane from a private party that turned out to be a disaster. The contrast between that experience and the experience with Aaron at Aircraft Ownership Solutions was night and day. I wasn’t able to personally pickup N56631 so I had my mechanic fly to Kokomo, do the pre buy inspection and fly it home. Aaron came in on the weekend to facilitate the inspection and make sure everything went as planned. My mechanic gave the thumbs up and we closed without any issues. I'm happy to report that when my mechanic arrived back home at RDU the airplane was 100% as advertised, all the paperwork was in order and it flies beautifully. I couldn’t be any more pleased with the transaction and the professionalism of Aaron and Aircraft Ownership Solutions. Thank you!
- Ben B. - Raleigh, NC
I recently purchased my first airplane, a 1969 Piper Cherokee 140, from Aircraft Ownership Solutions. I contacted Aaron via email and he promptly replied and introduced himself and let me know he was available to answer any questions. Initially I was looking at going the 180 route but after a few emails with Aaron and a trip up to AOS, which was made easier by an Uncle living in the area, I decided on a beautiful 140 that will suit my mission just fine and I wound up saving a substantial amount of money over going the 180 route. Aaron showed me around AOS on a Wednesday afternoon and answered all my questions about the planes they had to offer. I went back to Va and the following Monday contacted Aaron and told him I decided on a plane. Unfortunately my lender wasn’t the greatest but Aaron and Sherri helped me along every step of the way and made it as easy as possible for me. Very nice and helpful folks at AOS and would recommend them if you are in the market for a GA airplane.
- Matthew B.- Virginia Beach, Virginia
Tim L - Dallas Texas I would like to thank all of the great folks at Aircraft Ownership Solutions. This was my first aircraft purchase and a I spent over a year looking for the right airplane. I can honestly say that I am happy that I came across Aaron Bollhoefer at AOS. Things could’t have been any easier. Aaron was there at every turn making himself available to answer any questions. Sherri took care of all the paperwork and followed up to make sure things went well. What a great company to do business with!
- Tim L - Dallas Texas
Tyson and Jennifer W.- Ohio Hi everyone.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your efficient and friendly service. Your professionalism and attention to detail made our first airplane purchase a smooth and positive experience. I particularly appreciated that you took the time to get the paperwork and registration prepared prior to my arrival. Also thanks for sending me the log books after flying home without them. We love our new Cessna 172. I'd recommend your company to others looking to purchase an aircraft!

Tyson and Jennifer White
- Tyson and Jennifer W.- Ohio
Brandon Tucker Instrument, ASEL, A&P, Helicopter Hoist Operator. "I just picked up my instrument rating and wanted to see our beautiful country from the skies. I, too, am an aircraft mechanic and when it came to the purchase of my Cherokee 180--nicknamed "Digit" after my daughter-- the paperwork was sorted out and available for me to review online prior to my arrival. Also, the aircraft was cleaned, annual'd, with "24 months" checks completed with adequate time to enjoy the plane before getting them redone. My 180, with a Garmin 430 WAAS, single axis autopilot has taken me across the US, up and down the California coast, Lake Tahoe, and Catalina. And I look forward to the more places I'll be flying her to. Aircraft Solutions were thorough, professional and welcoming. They even booked an instructor for me to test flight the aircraft to get accustomed to the systems. "
- Brandon Tucker Instrument, ASEL, A&P, Helicopter Hoist Operator.
I have purchased several aircraft from Aircraft Ownership Solutions and am very satisfied. First, the pricing is realistic and based upon the value of the aircraft. Second, I have never had anything but an honest appraisal of the condition of the aircraft. We own a fleet of aircraft for flight schools. I have purchased great aircraft from this organization. Yes, occasionally, they sell a less than perfect aircraft (and I have purchased them), however, my experience is that I was told in advance of those imperfections and knew that I would be working on them post delivery. The imperfections were built into the price.
I believe that Aircraft Ownership Solutions provide a honest price for the product they are selling.
Finally, if you are purchasing used aircraft, you should understand that no seller can anticipate ongoing maintenance issues. Like a well used car, or an old house, there will be issues. All I want from the broker is honesty, which I fell I get from Aircraft ownership solutions.
- Greg G.- Aspen Flying Club
Dave Miller A big THANK YOU to Aaron at aircraft ownership solutions. Recently purchased my first aircraft from him. As a first timer he took a lot of time walking me through each step, working with the bank(as I had no clue), and answering all the kinder-garden questions that I had. Awesome to deal with. I would definitely recommend them, and wish them all the best. I love my "new" aircraft.
- Dave Miller
Matt and Abby M. - Tennessee I'm a business owner myself, I understand and appreciate the value of an honest review. I also believe that a review isn't to benefit or hurt the business, but rather to educate those who read them by helping us all make better decisions when making important purchases.
Here is my story, and experience working with Aaron at Aircraft Ownership Solutions.
I bought my first airplane from Aaron back in November of 2015, It was a beautiful Cherokee 235, at the time it wasn't exactly what I wanted, but it was what I needed and what I could afford. (I really wanted a Beech lol) While finishing up the paperwork I told Aaron
"If you ever run across, you know, that once in a lifetime deal, the one that you know was babied all of its life.. give me a buzz!") Aaron took note and we we headed back to the hanger. My Cherokee wasn't perfect, but it was mine! I flew it a lot the next 2 years and truly learned to fly on that airplane! Had no issues, and the only money I put into that airplane went into the tanks! I was impressed!
Time marches on... a couple years go by and business is good! I get a message from Aaron about an airplane he recently acquired. He strongly suggested I take a look.. Now I understand that he's in the business to make money, so I wasn't too flattered that he reached back out to me, It made me feel special, but that's what good salesmen do. :)
When I arrived and saw the quality of the airplane, complete logs, near perfect interior and exterior (to me at least) I was blown away! Inspection went perfect! It was even better than he had described. and I was in love! Finally my new Beech!
After a beautiful and stress free flight home, I started thinking to myself, What a great experience, 2 times in a row! I must be blessed and highly favored! I need to tell the world about this lol
I decided that my review may helpful to someone else who may be new to aviation. It may help them not only find a place to buy and airplane, but also help them make a contact with a guy who has a love for the same thing we do! FLYING! . I can't speak for the other sales guys at AOS but I can Aaron, He's genuine, knowledgable, he's got a serving heart and eager to help others. I cant thank him enough for the help and great deals for me and my family. And....I know without a doubt who I'm calling when it's time to buy #3!!!
- Matt and Abby M. - Tennessee
When it came time to sell my C182 as I upgraded to a TBM, AOS was fair on the price and made it an easy transaction. I would definitely use them again.

Safe travels…..Rick
- Rick S - Arizona
Robert D. - Cinncinati, OH Thank you for the very pleasant experience in selling my airplane. I felt that the price was very fair, and the process couldn't have been more stress-free. I would definitely call you if I decide to sell my next airplane. Thanks again.

Robert D.
- Robert D. - Cinncinati, OH
Kim R - California We couldn't have been happier with Chris. He was very professional and very knowledgeable. Even though my husband was about selling our plane, he was very comfortable with how everything was handled. Chris was also very personable. We were happy with being able to help him out with picking him up at the airport as well as having him stay with us. We don't mind you using our picture either.

I would highly recommend your company to anyone looking to buy or sell an airplane.

Thank you,
Kim R.
- Kim R - California
Bill Very happy with the experience. All my questions were answered quickly and all the paper work was ready to go when I arrived! Quick easy process and the airplane was exactly as presented on their website.

- Bill
Buying an aircraft from Aircraft Ownership Solutions was an excellent decision. There are many ways to purchase and aircraft, but buying through Aircraft Ownership Solutions is the best and simplest way.
Working with Aaron and his dedicated staff was an absolute pleasure and they made the process as simple as possible and in no time we were flying our very own Archer. I highly recommend Aircraft Ownership Solutions if you are considering buying an airplane. They have excellent staff and very reasonable prices.
They will take care of everything for you.
Thank you very much for all of your help making our dreams become reality.
Jim and Jackie M.
Larry R. Attached is a photo of my wife and I with 7879 Whiskey shortly after having returned to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia from meeting Aaron in Indianapolis to pick up the plane. I want to express my deepest appreciation to Aaron for having been so patient throughout this process, as my wife and I were refinancing our mortgage into a Home Equity Line & it took time to finalize things. Throughout that time, Aaron was able to get the pre-flight and annual inspections done; address minor squawks that come with any aircraft and meet me in Indy to finalize the sale. For insurance purposes, I was compelled to have a CFI perform a check-ride and Aaron also assisted with getting that organized prior to departure.

The day we met to conclude the sale was actually quite dismal, with rain throughout most of the day. Late in the day I was able to complete the check-ride with Mark Phillips (thank you, Mark!) and depart for Cincinnati, spending the night before departing I69 for KSHD the next morning. It was a beautiful post-frontal day with a 35 knot tail-wind, and what had been a seven hour drive in a rental car to get to Cincinnati, was less than a two hour flight home. The Cherokee 180 is a joy to fly and is in pristine condition, just as had been represented.

Aircraft Ownership Solutions made this a very straightforward process and Aaron represented your company with integrity, addressing my many questions along the way. He and your staff in Kokomo made getting through the paperwork simple as well, so my thanks to everyone involved. I had purchased an aircraft some years previously from a private owner, and while that process went reasonably well, I don't think I will do that again. In the future, should I ever have need to purchase another airplane, I'm confident I'll pick up the phone and call AOS to make that happen. As a small business consultant, I can tell you that the measure of any company's performance is in their ability to engender trust and develop repeat business. That is a high standard and in my estimation, you've exceeded it.

Thank you again for everything. Let me know if you decide to have a customer appreciation fly-in sometime. Something tells me it would be a great turn-out and a lot of fun! Best wishes.
- Larry R.
To Tim and Staff,

After speaking with Tim on the phone I felt his honesty and integrity in telling me the specs and condition of the plane, I bought the J-3 sight unseen.

When it was delivered in a timely manner and fashion by Mr. Mark Phillips to La Porte, TX it exceeded my expectations, I could not have been more happy with it!

I wish Tim and his staff continued success, and would be happy to recommend their company to anyone.

Dr. R.T. Culpepper
- Dr. Culpepper
Al W. Chris and John were a pleasure to do business with from the first contact through closure of the sale. They were both friendly, knowledgeable and very professional throughout the process. I should have called AOS 4 months ago.

Al Weinrich
- Al W.
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